Water Conservation Practices

We take our responsibility to manage the earth’s greatest resource very seriously.  More than 60% of the earth’s freshwater supply is used for irrigation, and experts estimate that 40-50% of this water is wasted.  Much of this waste is caused by improper system design and simple over watering.  Gothic’s program of water management involves a pro-active approach to conserving water.  This includes regular water audits to measure outflow, monthly “wet checks” to ensure the proper functioning of your system, and the introduction of new technology designed to maximize landscape appearance while conserving water.

Gothic’s Partnership Approach to Irrigation Management includes the following:

Customized reporting, with forecasted schedules, water usage by station, and monthly reports

Comprehensive water audit performed on each new property

Certified Irrigation Technicians, trained in water conservation practices

State Certified Water Auditors on staff

Knowledge and Expertise of all irrigation control systems

We partner with industry leaders to offer the newest, state-of-the-art, irrigation technology available in the industry

Gothic is recognized as an EPA Watersense Partner