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landscape emergency preparedness programs provided by Gothic Landscape

Dependable & Rapid Response for Unexpected Emergencies

Any time you and your business are facing unexpected emergencies from storms to floods, pandemics to shutdowns, Gothic is here to quickly deploy resources and provide rapid response programs to help your business continue thriving.

Gothic’s promise is to protect your community and minimize liability and safety risks in good and difficult times with speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Service Offerings:


Disaster Emergency Response Plans & Risk Mitigation


Storm Water Prevention & Mitigation


24/7 Emergency Leak Detection & Repairs


Fuel Modification, Brush Control & Erosion Control

“I just saw the statistics for the damage to last night’s storm, and all we could say was “thank goodness we have Gothic”.

We drove around this afternoon, and as always, almost all signs of damage had already been cleaned up. It’s amazing how quickly your crews get here after storms — no matter the hour, no matter how bad the damage — and how smoothly they restore the property.

We are so appreciative of the company and the work ethic of its crews — we wish we could thank each and every one of them.”
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