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February 2018
Up close with Jon Georgio, CEO of Gothic Landscape, Santa Clarita, California
Gothic is the name of the Los Angeles street where Jon and his three brothers grew up. It’s fitting that the family would name its business after the place where it planted its roots. After all, it was Jon’s parents, Louis and Judy, who founded the company out of the family’s garage. It’s also a testament to the importance the company places on family... Read the full story.

landscape contr feb2010

On The Job: All in family gothic landscape grows with customer-focused mission
Summer, 2012

As a family business that started in a San Fernando Valley garage during the early 1970's, Gothic is a classic growth story. From those humble beginnings as a fine-grading landscaper, Gothic has grown to become the second largest landscape contracting organization in the nation, with numerous awards to its credit. The family-owned company has more than 1,100 employees with corporate offices in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Gothic works with developers, general contractors and landscape architects to produce more inviting surroundings that enhance the value of every project.

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landscape contr feb2010

Landscape Contractor / Profile: Jon Georgio, President 
February, 2010

Gothic Landscape, Inc. is the construction division of the Gothic family of companies. It is among the largest landscape contracting organizations in the nation,” says Jon Georgio, President and CEO. “We have created longstanding partnerships with the largest developers, builders and general contractors in our market. With over a thousand highly trained employees and millions of dollars of equipment, we take great pride in having the resources and the attitude to meet the demands and challenges of our clients’ deadlines.”

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quorum nov2011

Quorum / Get More Out of Your CAI Business

Partner Membership / November, 2011

The fact that you are considering joining CAI or already have and are wondering what to do next means that you are targeting this industry to increase your business, right? Either that or you thought CAI stood for the Coalition of Aerospace Iconographers in which case you need a new hobby as well as a lesson in marketing 101. So, what better way to increase business than to become more knowledgeable about the trends in this rapidly changing industry, partner with other member business professionals, and network with like-minded people who are working toward a common goal?

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quorum april2011

Quorum / Audit This! What You Need to Know About Your Irrigation System

April, 2011

As we move into spring, irrigation and the cost of water will become a hot topic yet again. Now is the time to look for ways to add efficiency to your

association’s irrigation system. The best way to accomplish this is to conduct an irrigation audit. An irrigation audit is a worthwhile investment that will give you the ability to know where to spend money and the savings you should expect. An in depth irrigation audit will provide you with a roadmap that will prevent your association from becoming a victim of the tiered water rate system.

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Quorum / Smart Irrigation Systems, Who Knew? 

June, 2011

The technology revolution is in full swing. The new “I” something is coming out every week it seems. Thankfully, companies are using this advance in technology to benefit the commercial / HOA market. “Smart” irrigation controllers have been around for years, and many of the major manufacturers are taking them to the next level. These technological advances are allowing landscape maintenance companies, as well as management, the ability to monitor and control an entire property from one central location. This level of involvement with the irrigation system will help to keep water budgets.

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