Gothic is committed to restoring, preserving, and improving our environment.  While this includes a range of landscape construction services which help to reduce our impact on the environment, we also believe that it is our responsibility to conduct our business responsibly in order to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have enacted a number of initiatives at Gothic to achieve this goal.  These initiatives include:

Gothic became a paperless company in 2010.  All of our internal documents can now be transmitted via email which has greatly reduced our use of paper and printed materials. 

Introduction of a fleet of propane mowers to gradually replace the gas-powered mowers that are favored by our industry.

Creation of our "Environmental Restoration" division which helps to restore disturbed land caused by development and other natural factors. 

Water conservation initiatives designed to reduce water dependence.  We conduct frequent seminars throughout the Southwestern United States on topics related to water conservation and water efficiency within the context of the landscape industry.