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Since graduating from college in 1992, I have worked exclusively in the commercial landscape industry, including for some of the largest national companies in North America. I’m often asked, “What makes Gothic different?” The answer is found in Gothic’s unique company culture. While there are distinct advantages in working for the largest, national landscape companies and also for small, local companies, in my opinion Gothic combines the best of both worlds.

If you ask any Gothic employee, they will tell you that the first priority in working for Gothic is living out the company’s mission statement with every business decision. Creating true partnerships and unparalleled client experiences are paramount to the Gothic experience. This mission statement translates to always “doing the right thing” both internally with fellow employees and externally to vendors and valued clients. Because we’re a fully family-owned and operated company, values are important to the way we do business. Employees aren’t numbers and positions but rather real people with goals, aspirations, and unique talents. The people who hire Gothic are never customers but rather clients. A customer is the person who flies through the drive-thru window picking up a late dinner for his family. A client is a valued partner whose relationship will last for years. Working for Gothic is different; doing business with Gothic is different. As an employee I feel like I’m working in a family business but with limitless advancement opportunities. Many of our most valued clients have relayed that doing business with Gothic feels more like a friendship than it does a business relationship. That’s the Gothic way.

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